Assessment of Potential Diseases caused by Chemical Content of Groundwater in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia

Dewi Puspasari, Fikri Noor Azy, Nunuy Nuraeni, Mochamad Wachyudi Memed, Tantowi Eko Prayogi, Nandang dan Insi Farisa

Northern Jakarta is located in North Java coastline and one of the areas with adequate water quality concern. Groundwater drilling freely, seawater intrusion and crowded human properties settlement becomes threats of the society and causes many impacts on human health due to water quality deterioration. This study was conducted by observing groundwater condition of Northern Jakarta not only quantity but also quality through 33 locations of groundwater using its physico parameter and chemical elements, such as Fe, Mn, Na, NH4, Cl, SO4. Then the results of the analysis and observations associated with the Indonesia Ministry of Health Standard about health impacts arising from its chemical elements. Data results showing pH water value around 7 location were out of normal range that have potentially impacts to human body. Levels of iron, manganese, sodium and chloride have the different results which the normal and abnormal content. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Health No:492/Menkes/Per/IV/2010 that the allowable parameters of the content of iron and manganese is below 0.3mg/l and 0.1mg/l. There are 24 of the 33 places that have ferrous content excess from maximum range which will lead to harm the intestinal wall and iritate the skin. 18 of the 33 locations are known to have a high content of manganese. Excess consumption of manganese will affect human neurological systems, such as excessive tremors, weak and had difficult to walk. 25 locations have abnormal sodium content and 18 locations have abnormal chloride content which excess 250 mg/l would result hypertension. From these data, analysis has been done and conclude that there are more than 50% of the study area have chemical content: Fe, Mn, Na and Cl that is not normal and have potential to the several diseases. We suggest to the people of Northern Jakarta to conduct the water treatment before using for drinking and daily use.

Keywords— Chemical Element, Disease, Groundwater, Northern Jakarta, Water Treatment

Hokkaido Indonesian Student Association Scientific Meeting (HISAS 13)
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016